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Why I'm Here

Hello! My name is Lance Pyburn and I'm a health and wellness enthusiast and fledgeling mental health and LGBTQ+ advocate living in Austin, TX.

The Brave New Love platform encourages folks to share their story and strive towards a life of authenticity through focusing on life, wellness and faith.


My hope is that this platform will be able to create space for folks to share their authentic self to the world. 

My Background

About: Inner_about

I'm currently a Licensed Massage Therapist and have 7 years of experience in the health & wellness industry working as a personal trainer, group fitness & cycling instructor. 

I started my career at a nonprofit dedicated to training college students to plan and participate in a 4000+ mile bike ride from Texas to Alaska. After transitioning into the corporate world, I gathered experience in the tech industry leading a team of professionals at one of the top executive learning companies in the space. My career has been a lesson in leadership and team cohesion, and I'm passionate about helping others striving to improve in both of these areas by living authentically.

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