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5 Reasons to Try Chair Massage

I learned the basics of chair massage while I was in massage school but admittedly did not feel like it was my strong suit compared to table massage. There are some undeniable differences between massaging someone in a chair over a table, and I did not have enough practice with folks on the chair to offer the same type of quality service as I could in a table massage.

This has all changed after I recently completed a 19-hour continuing education class solely focused on chair massage. I spent that time learning a Shiatsu sequence that utilizes acupressure, Swedish, stretching, and traction techniques in order to promote relief from tension and fatigue while also revitalizing a client.

I'm excited to now have mobile chair massage listed in my massage service offerings and wanted to put together a quick list of reasons to try out chair massage:

1) Efficiency

Chair massage does not require a lot of set-up or breakdown time at all. The only set-up involved in popping up the chair which takes just a couple minutes and the take-down process is just as quick.

Additionally, folks can choose between 15-minute, 30-minute, 45 minute, and 60-minute sessions meaning that a chair massage session is much easier to fit in a busy schedule!

2) Space

Some folks are concerned about not having enough space in their home or office to set up a table for a mobile massage session. Chair massage can be a great solution to this concern because it takes up a considerably less amount of space. If you have room for a chair, you have enough room for a session!

Additionally, since clothing stays completely on during a chair massage, privacy is not a concern with this massage service offering which opens up more choices on where to set-up for the massage.

3) Great Place to Begin

The fact that no clothes need to be removed also lends chair massage to be a great choice for folks who have reservations with that aspect of a full table massage. Many folks who are new to massage enjoy starting with chair-massage for this very reason.

4) Affordability

Chair massage tends to be more affordable than table massage across the board within the massage industry, and the BraveNewLove chair massages are affordably priced at $1/minute of massage at this time.

5) Events

Based on many of the reasons listed above: small space needs, timing, and accessibility, chair-massage is a great offering for both corporate and private events. Many folks choose chair-massage for corporate events as a way to both show appreciation for staff and promote and healthy, productive workplace. If you're interested in chair massage for private or corporate events, please reach out to me at Additional therapists are available with enough advance notice.

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