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Mobile Massage Services

This is an overview of the BraveNewLove mobile massage service offerings. In an effort to keep services straightforward, BraveNewLove has two distinct service offerings that will draw from multiple modalities depending on client needs:

  • BraveNewLove Massage

  • Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage


Here is a description of each service including information on how to select the service that is right for you:

BraveNewLove Massage - Relaxation

The BraveNewLove Massage is primarily focused on relaxation and utilizes techniques from multiple massage modalities including Swedish, Deep Swedish, and Deep Massage the Lauterstein Method.

Potential reasons for the BraveNewLove Massage:

  • relaxation

  • stress reduction

  • increased blood flow and circulation to aid in tissue repair

  • Increased flexibly.

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage - Focused

The Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage is a more specialized service that will include massage and bodywork techniques from modalities such as Deep Tissue, Athletic Massage, Clinical Massage, and Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method.

Potential reasons for the Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage:

  • pain relief

  • reduced muscle tension

  • greater flexibility & range of motion

  • more focused work on specific muscles groups

How Do I Decide?

The BraveNewLove Massage is the most comprehensive service offering for full body work and will satisfy a majority of client needs. Think of this massage as your default unless you're looking for more work specific to what is outlined below in the Deep Tissue/Therapeutic.

The Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage really encompasses two types of massage at the same price point. The first is a full body Deep Tissue massage. This would be for clients who get regular massage and body work (4+ per year) and know that they want a deep tissue massage from start to finish. This option mainly incorporates elbows and forearms on my part.

The second is the therapeutic massage which any massage completely focused on a certain area or muscle grouping. Common examples that I have worked on in clinic include focusing on neck/shoulder or low back. While there can be multiple goals with this type of massage, like range of motion or pain reduction, the common thread is that we will be focusing only on applicable muscle groups for the defined issue rather than the full body. It is more common for clients to be more active in these sessions with more regular discussion about the massage work, and movement exercises as well.

Still not sure? Feel free to reach out ( with questions, or just book a BraveNewLove massage and we will reassess after our initial interview to discuss your goals.

Please note that I will always confirm that you know the price of your services prior to starting our session.


Pricing and Duration

BraveNewLove has set pricing for durations ranging from one hour to two hours:


Longer Service OR Event Offerings

If you are looking for a longer duration or work for a specific event, reach out to and we'll establish a rate based on your needs.

Please note regarding pricing:

  • No tips necessary as rates are set with a premium for mobile convenience in mind and at a sustainable rate.

  • These prices are specific to the Austin area. Massages offered outside of the Austin area will have alternative pricing relative to cost of living.

Massage License: MT132733

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